Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interest-only loan

Making an investment, because of delay of income, we should apply for an interest-only loan.
This way, during a short period we pay only the interests while our business begin to look starts running.
Also can be used with personal situations, such as building a house.
This template, from the amount, interest periods and rate, calculates the payments for the interest-only period and the amortization period, and the loan table.

Free Download: interest-only_loan.xls

Unlocked template:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Business viability analysis

Before starting a business, such as a shop or similar, there should be a preliminary sudy of financial viability.
This Excel template that can be used to get
the income report and the financial situation of the company at the year-end, filling out the investmen, incomes and expenditures, and operating margin.
The aim is to provide a first sight of the threshold of the profitability and financial results, to choose between several alternative enterprises or different situations for only one.

Free Download: business_viability.xls

Unlocked template: